Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Reece and Aubrey

I slept for hours yesterday afternoon and evening. I thought I'd have a hard time falling asleep that night, but I went to sleep around 11 PM or midnight and slept like a log. Kelly said I was probably sleeping off the sedation during the day.

Today I took care of some errands, went to Mom's, and called to see if Reece and Aubrey could come over. Josh said that was okay, so I went to get them. We played outside for an hour or so because it was a beautiful sunny day. They enjoyed playing on the slide, and Reece brought some of his dinosaurs out to play with on the table.

We had to go to PetsMart for dog food, then picked up fast food for dinner. After dinner we made oatmeal cookies, some plain and some with chocolate chips. They had fun helping with the cookies, and we had flour everywhere!

We talked with Papa on the phone. He said it was snowing in Kansas City and they were supposed to have 9 inches by morning! His flight was supposed to be at 9 AM, but he rescheduled it for 5 PM, hoping everything will be cleared by then. So he won't be home until tomorrow night.

Now we are all upstairs, but they don't want to go to bed. They want to play in my closet. :o) Reece took his safari animals in there, and Aubrey has a Woody doll. It's a big walk-in closet with two doors, and they are having fun. I bet they will sleep well when they are finally ready.

Uh oh. I thought it was awfully quiet, and when I looked to see what they were doing, Reece was quietly watching Aubrey who had a spray bottle of sunscreen and had sprayed it all over Papa's briefcase, the floor and some clothes. :o\ I asked Reece why he didn't tell me she was doing something naughty, and he said he didn't know. Of course she got in trouble and now we are all sad. (Just for a little while though, so that she knows we are not happy with what she did). She is making cute faces at me, trying to make me smile. :o)

Time to snuggle them in bed and read a story. Gramma's tired.

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Sarah Oldham said...

Dernit, they are so cute. I love how you tell your stories. One day you can print them up into a book for them. I'm sure they'd love that!