Monday, January 17, 2011

Monday, Monday

Foggy here this morning, and cold. But it's supposed to warm up to 67 degrees later today (70 tomorrow), and the low tonight will be in the 50s. Thank goodness! I'm looking forward to being warm. :o)

Ron is going out of town tomorrow, but just until Thursday. Kelly is going to come and spend the night with us tonight so that she can go to the hospital with me early tomorrow morning. I have another colonoscopy/endoscopy scheduled. It's just another one of the checks my doctor wants done, to make sure there is no cancer in my GI tract. I dread the preparation for the procedure, but I'm thankful that my doctor is so thorough. Kelly has to be there because I'll be sedated for the procedure and can't drive for 24 hours. Thank you, Sweetie!

I can have low sodium chicken or beef broth today, and things like 7-Up, ginger ale, popsicles and jello. Nothing red or purple. I have to drink half the nasty awful Colyte starting at 4 PM, then the other half (1/2 gallon) starting about 2:30 AM. So I'll be up most of the night. The directions say the Colyte "acts as a tidal wave to wash out the colon." Oh joy. :o\

Better get busy around here while I can. Wish me luck.


Sarah Oldham said...

Praying for you!

Listen, this is kind of funny, but my word verification is aftereat. So, after, if you can: eat.

Hugs and Aloha!

Kalona said...

Thanks for the prayers, dear Sarah. Your word verification made me laugh. Don't worry--I'll eat!

Linda said...

I think it's wonderful that you are "home-schooling" Reese. (and yes, that is what you are doing!:)

Sarah Oldham said...

I had sympathy illness for you . . . I spent ALL day in the loo, ill as heck. I'm better today, but every time I went to the loo, I prayed for you (and, to be honest, to end this miserable illness). :)

Kalona said...

I sure love watching Reece learn new things, Linda. He is so enthusiastic. :o) Thank you for the prayers--they helped!

Oh Sarah, I'm sorry you've been ill. Praying that you are better now. Thank you for the prayers for me during your suffering. They helped!