Monday, January 10, 2011

Happy Birthday, Cyrise!

Today is our daughter-in-law Cyrise's birthday. (Her name is pronounced like the color "cerise.")

Cyrise's birthday celebration started on Friday when she and Josh went out with friends. Ron and I stayed with the kids. Fun for us!

This morning I baked her a birthday cake. Kelly came over around noon and we took the cake with us when we went to pick up Cyrise for lunch. Kel and I took her for a birthday lunch at Macaroni Grill.

But first Josh had to fix Kelly's tire, which was flat and hissing when we got to their house. She had to drive home on her doughnut tire, but called me just now to say she got there safe and sound. It's just always something with cars.

The kids were looking forward to having cake and ice cream when we got back. They were happy to see their Aunt Kelly, and she enjoyed holding Gina and interacting with the others. There were a few little fingerprints in the frosting of the cake, which only made it sweeter. :o)

I hope you are enjoying your special day, Cyrise!

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Kelly said...

Happy Birthday, Cyrise!