Thursday, January 13, 2011

Reece and Aubrey

I've spent quite a lot of time with Reece and Aubrey the past few days.

When I stopped by to pick Reece up yesterday, Aubrey got her little shoes and jacket. I said to Josh, "Does she think she is going with me?" and he said yes. He said that she has a fit every time he goes with me. So I brought her home with us. She didn't spend the night, but played for several hours, had dinner here, and watched Finding Nemo with us. So she was happy, and didn't cry when her daddy came to pick her up.

After they left, Reece said, "I miss Aubie." :o)

Here she is wearing Reece's hat.

And here he is, wearing his hat. He won't wear it most of the time, and carried it with him to my house. I talked him into wearing it while I took a picture, and he thought it was pretty funny.

I kept him with me all day, until we picked Papa up at work. We went to visit Gran, went to WalMart, then Toys R Us, stopped at Freddie's for lunch, then came back to my house and played with his new toy.

He got a little Playmobile set with two koala bears and a baby koala, a kangaroo with a pocket and a baby, some eucalyptus trees, hay, a pitchfork, a bucket, flowers, a butterfly and a caretaker to feed the animals. We were talking about his toys and I decided we could do a little school unit on Australia. I told him that koalas and kangaroos live in Australia, and we found Australia on the globe.

On the way to pick up Papa after work he learned the kookaburra song. He wouldn't sing along with me, but kept asking me to sing it. I'm certain he knows the song now, but he will only sing when he feels like it. He's a good little singer. :o) I need to find a picture of a kookaburra so that he will know what they look like.

When he's here again we're going to make a koala bear craft. We'll also
listen to a didgeridoo on Youtube, and make one from a wrapping paper tube.


T├╝pbebek said...

Thanks a lot!!!!
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Sarah Oldham said...

You are a wonderful granny. I enjoy your adventures in grannyhood a lot! Hope and pray all continues to be well with you.

Kalona said...

Tupbebek, you're welcome. I'm a bit confused about which links you meant, but I'm guessing it is the list of blogs? Anyway, thank you for visiting. :o)

Sarah, thanks, you're so sweet. Being their Gramma is the best thing ever! I'm doing well--have a couple of tests coming up to make sure things stay that way. Hugs!

Linda said...

You make being a grandma sound like so much fun! I need to look for playmobil animals. We have people and historical figures but no animals. (just remember, Koalas aren't truly bears! ;)