Saturday, January 22, 2011

My Buddy

My little sidekick came over yesterday afternoon and stayed until about 5 PM today. Both days have been sunny and gorgeous, so we played outside quite a bit.

Yesterday he wanted to go outside the fence, so we went on a "nature walk." The people down the hill from us moved out and the house is for sale, so we stopped and looked in the windows. I think the house was leased, and they had either a large combined family or a lot of teen foster kids.

I have always loved that house, but they left it a real mess inside, and there were people (probably the owners) there a couple of weeks ago cleaning it out. It still looks none too clean, and I'm sure there is a lot of work needed, but I still like it. It's being sold as is for cash only, so it must be in horrible shape inside. I wish one of our kids would buy it and fix it up, though. I've always loved the idea of a family compound. :o)

Reece enjoyed looking in the windows so much that he thought we should look in the windows of the next house, too. We didn't, because people live there. :o)

After dinner I took him to Dollar Tree and he got some play dough and a Pez candy dispenser that looks like Pluto. We used all those P words to practice the sound of the letter P. He wanted to go back there today to get some little animals in cages he had seen, but when he saw them again he decided against them. Instead he wanted another Pez and some for his little sisters. So he got a Donald Duck, and got Aubrey and Camryn a Mickey Mouse and a Tigger. And that's all he wanted to buy. He's a sweetheart.

He took his play dough to Gran's today. He likes to share his toys with her. :o) They were making fireplaces, logs and flames. No simple things like houses, trees and people for him. I love to watch Mom figuring out how to make the things he asks her to make.

We came home from Gran's and went out to lunch with Papa. Then Papa installed the little table and bench on the playset. It's coming along, slowly but surely. The weather and lack of time have kept Ron from being able to work on it much. Reece likes for me to climb up into the "fort" with him. He wants me to go down the slide, but I'm afraid I'm too big to do that. :o)

I'm so blessed to be able to spend my days with a little guy who sees so much wonder in everything. I like seeing the world through his eyes.

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