Saturday, January 15, 2011

Cold Rainy Saturday

Well yuck. The past few days have been ugly, but I do thank God for the rain that we need so badly.

Reece has been my sunshine. Yesterday we made the little paper koala craft, and I showed him the video of the didgeridoo. Oh my goodness, what a funny reaction he had. We had to play it three times. He danced, made his toy koala and kangaroo dance, and tried to make the sounds the instrument makes, including the barking sounds. I knew he would love the deep tones and rhythm.

This morning we made our own didgeridoos, using wrapping paper tubes. We just painted some designs on them, but he was happy. You really can make a sort of didgeridoo sound with the tubes. :o)

Last night he talked Papa into taking him to the store again. They went to the barber shop yesterday afternoon. While Papa gets his hair cut, Reece plays with the toys they have there.

Speaking of hair, mine is now at least covering my head. I have man hair. I still wear hats or caps most of the time when I go out, but not always. My eyebrows and eyelashes are getting back to normal, too. I was able to give Reece and Aubrey butterfly kisses for the first time in months. :o)

Reece went with me to Gran's this morning, then when I took him home we went looking in the kids bedroom for some toys parts that are missing from one of his Playmobile sets. He was sure they would be under the bed. So we got all the toys out from under the bed and sorted through them, but we only found one of the parts. I told him we would look for the rest another day, in the boxes in their closet. We managed to throw away a lot of old broken toys and toys from fast food places. He was in a "throw-it-away" mood. I would hold something up and say "keep or throw it away?" and he almost always said to throw it away. :o)

I'm sure Aubrey and Camryn thought Gramma was a big meanie because I wouldn't let them come in while we were sorting through toys, but they are anything but helpful in a cleaning situation.

The puppies keep "talking" to me. They think they want to go out, but when I open the door to let them out they change their minds. They don't like the cold wet weather any more than I do!


Sarah Oldham said...

Cute craft! I just love (and I can't seem to tell you this enough) your grandchildren adventures. They are so sweet - and they sound like the best bunch of kids evah! You are a fun granny!

Kalona said...

Thank you, Sarah! :o)