Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Spiritual Lifts and Prayer Request

Yesterday morning one of the chaplain corps volunteers came by my room. I've mentioned her before; she's a darling little German lady. She asked if she could do anything for me, then offered me Holy Communion. I usually don't receive Communion from the volunteers, but yesterday I wanted it very much. She prayed with me beforehand, and it was quite lovely, and left me feeling happy.

Then this morning, the chaplain for this floor came by with her piano keyboard and played 3 hymns for me, and a song she wrote for the nurses on this floor. She has a beautiful voice, and can play beautifully, too. I very much enjoyed the little impromptu concert.

I'll be getting the dreaded Melphalan chemo today. Please pray for me that the side effects will be well tolerated. Thank you!


Jennifer Mulkey said...

Prayers ongoing for you here today and in the future :) Today is my birthday. I'm not telling you this to get you to say happy birthday, but wanted to let you know how special birthdays become on the other side of cancer :) Can't wait until your next birthday and look forward to sharing this joy with you throughout many years to come. Hoping you aren't too sick, and praying for your continued protection. Am so glad you are getting 'grands' time as well, that's such a blessing anytime :)

So, looking forward to hearing from you on your next birthday :)

God Bless you abundantly, today and always :)

Anonymous said...

Hello, Mom & I just got back from dinner. We went to Cheddars & then stopped at the store & bought a coconut cake to have later tonight. She is doing well & I'm enjoying her being here. We went to the Country Club golf course last night & spotted about 15 deer. She loved it! We're praying for you everyday & asking God to protect you. Hang in there! You're amazing! We love you so much! Mom & Sandi

Kalona said...

Jennifer, belated birthday wishes, sweet lady! Yes, I can see how birthdays will always be very special and important to me from now on.

Thank you for your good wishes and prayers!

Kalona said...

Hi Sandi and Mom,
Sounds like you are having a great time together--I'm so glad! Love that you saw so many deer. Thank you for your prayers--I can feel them! Much love to both of you.