Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Tuesday With Reece!

I'm just finishing up my second round of chemo today. There are 2 different kinds, each takes about an hour to infuse. So far no nausea or other problems. I'll have these 2 kinds again tomorrow at 8 AM and 8 PM, then another one on Wednesday. Thursday is the day I receive my healthy stem cells back. The staff tells me that will be my new "birthday." :o)

I'm told to expect diarrhea any minute now, and possibly mouth sores, possible fever and lack of appetite beginning a day or so after the transplant and lasting for awhile. Ugh.

Being in the hospital is a real lesson in humility. There is no point in trying to be modest or private. They want to know everything, they measure everything that goes into your body and everything that comes out, they help put plastic over my picc line and Aphersis lines before my shower, and they see me in all my baldness because I can't stand to wear a hat all the time. But oh my goodness, they do take such good care of me! I'm still in awe of the staff here; they are all so patient, efficient and kind, all the time.

Reece was here this afternoon with Ron. It was so wonderful to see him! He was a little quiet and subdued at first, but it wasn't long before he wanted to explore and ask questions and make me draw swimming wolves and other Peter and the Wolf characters. :o) We spent some time in the family room, where he found a pair of pewter pheasants on a table and loved playing with them. He thought they looked like "mean birds," but he was pretending to feed them "doodleberries," some fake berries that were also on the table. Everyone up here thought he was the cutest thing ever. :o) He and Papa brought me chips and queso from Taco Cabana, and we had a mini-feast in the room. He and Papa had root beer and I had cherry coke zero.

Since we're on an air force base, Reece saw some huge planes flying around. They do touch and goes around the hospital and are fun to watch. I'm looking forward to his next visit. He is going to bring a few toys to play with the next time. This time he brought a tiny Buzz Lightyear.

Thank you all for your continued thoughts and prayers!


Sarah Oldham said...

I love that even from the hospital I get to enjoy your grands visits with you. You are so blessed!
You know, I am humbled by your humble journey . . . I was a monster about that inconvenient heart event monitor . . . I'm such a big baby, huh? ;) Well, I want you to know, I thought about you a lot while wearing it and I was thankful . . . and prayerful. I am sorry (to God) that I'm not very patient and that I struggle so mightily with humility . . . and I thank God for your fine example. May God continue to bolster your spirit and keep you in His care. Hugs and Aloha! (Reese would like living where I live, too . . . lots of planes and navy ships). ;) Ever want to come back this way, you need to bring him along to see all this stuff! Would be a great holiday for you two sweet people!

Anonymous said...

Hi! Mom is still asleep ... I'm getting ready for work and your are on my mind & in my prayers! Mom talks about you all the time & we pray together. So happy you had some "Reece Time", I know that was a high point for you. We love you! Hugs Sandi & Mom