Thursday, September 16, 2010

Last Update Today

So far, so good. The stem cell transplant went well. I had seven bags of stem cells, totaling over 3,000,000 stem cells in all, which is about 1,000,000 more than the low end goal.

Now the stem wells will migrate into the bone marrow and start making the red cells, white cells and platelets that my body needs. I'll be extremely low on cells for awhile, thanks to the high dose chemo I've had all week, but the doctors are watching me like hawks. They can give me red blood transfusions, platelet transfusions and Neupogen (I think) to stimulate white cell growth as needed.

They gave me Ativan to calm me down, some anti-nausea pills that I absolutely hate because they knock me out and make me feel loopy the rest of the day and some other stuff. I slept most of the afternoon after the transplant.

There were about 8 people in my room for the transplant, with a big tank that held the frozen stem cells. The doctor would take one bag out and thaw it in a bowl of water, a nurse would attach it to the pump, and in it would go. When it was infused, my face felt flushed and I'd get a funny, bumpy feeling in my stomach. I did throw up once, but I think it was because I was a little nauseous and they kept taking my temperature. When they put the thermometer in my mouth, up-chuck! It only happened once, though. They were also taking other vitals every 5 minutes. My BP went up, but I think it was more the stress of so many people in here than anything else.

The stuff they mix with the stem cells has a funny smell. One of the night nurses said she knew as soon as she came on the floor that a stem cell transplant was done today. Some people think it smells like garlic, but Kelly said it smells like soup. Funny, huh? :o) Anyway, I'm probably smelling a little bit funky right now, but I don't really notice it.

Ron and Kelly both came over tonight. Ron brought rice and beans that Cyrise had made and sent for me. They were so delicious! Thank you, sweet Cyrise! We had dinner in the family room kitchen, then watched TV for a bit, and talked, in the family room. It was pleasant to spend time with my honeys, and get out of the room for awhile.

Kelly brought me some bags of different kinds of tea. I'll enjoy having those with my breakfast. She's so thoughtful and sweet. Ron left around 8:45 to go home and take care of the puppies.

Kelly stayed until close to 9, and went walking with me. We walked 5 times around the ward, which is 1/4 mile. I try to walk it 4 times a day, which is a mile, but don't always have time to do it. Today I walked 3/4 of a mile.

Well, that's been my day. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers, dear ones! I can never thank you enough for all you do for me.


Mum2eight said...

I haven't been posting here Kalona but I have been praying for you.

I hope one day our boys will have stem cell transplants.

Anonymous said...

Good Morning! So love to read your blog & keep up with you and what's going on. I'll say it again... you're amazing & I'm thanking God for blessing you with such a sweet and strong spirit. Mom & I are going to Dallas today to see Kori, Steve & Jonah. Kori has made reservations at "Hatties", a fave place of hers, to take Mom to dinner. We Love you so much. Big Hugs, Sandi & Mom

Kalona said...

Thank you, Therese! I've never doubted your prayers for me. :o) I will continue to pray for your little guys, that their Type 1 diabetes is cured someday soon! Hugs!

Kalona said...

Sandi and Mom, I'm so excited for you that you're going to Dallas to see Jonah! I wish I was with you. Give him and Kori and Steve big hugs for me, and tell them how much I appreciate their prayers and thoughts for me. Have fun at Hatties. I want to go there when I'm in Dallas! :o)

Linda said...

Kalona, I feel for you! Oh, nausea, after Hyperemesis gravidarum so many times, is the worse feeling in the world! (Are you sure it wasn't the Ativan that knocked you out?)
I'm glad you are home. I'm so glad you are done with that!!

Rosemary Bogdan said...

Oh my goodness, Kalona, I have not kept up with my blog reading. You will be in my prayers!!! God bless you. And thank you for your prayers for my brother. No word yet on what's wrong.

Adrienne said...

Now I'm sending cyber-growth rays - and, of course, loads and loads of prayers...

Jennifer Mulkey said...

Prayers continuing here too :) SOOOO glad to hear it's over with and that you didn't get to terribly sick from the transfer. Will be continuing prayers this week for increase in your blood levels. You are amazing! You have done SOOO well :) Sending you vibes from the song "I Will Survive" :) ;) It's a breast cancer survivor favorite :) Although it's not about cancer, just substitute the cancer for the guy she's singing too :)

As us breast cancer survivors say, "Fists up, sister" :)

Much love,

Me :)

Jennifer Mulkey said...

Oh, thought I should clarify, that fists up thing is to fight the cancer, not each other :D Because if I actually had to fight somebody, I'd probably run, LOL :D

Kalona said...

Linda, I think it was a combination of the Ativan and the nausea meds that knocked me out! I am home today on a pass, but have to go back to the hospital early tomorrow morning. I probably will be there another 2 weeks. :o( I'll post more about that.

Rosemary, thank you for your prayers! I'll continue prayers for Rick.

Adrienne, I'm feeling the cyber growth rays--thank you! (And the prayers, too).

Jen, love the song vibes and the "fists up." :o) You are so cute and funny! I might run too, if I had to fight someone. Thank you for praying for those cell levels--I think i can already feel them falling. :o( But if things go as they have before, I'll be making new ones before long.