Saturday, September 18, 2010

Saturday Summary

Back at Wilford Hall, feeling the worst I've ever felt during this whole ordeal. :o(

When I first got back, they said I might get to go out on another pass, but when my lab counts came back I was already neutropenic, so I'm stuck here for probably a couple of weeks, maybe longer, until my counts start to come back up.

I've spent most of the day just lying in bed watching TV. I ate breakfast at home (waffles with raspberries), but couldn't eat much of it. Lunch was a few potato chips, a vanilla pudding cup and about 4 oz. of Coke Zero. I can barely stand the smell of food. Even non-food smells make me gag and heave.

I'm using the Zofran, but it's not helping much right now. Too much ick in my body, I guess. The taste in my mouth is nearly unbearable.

The picture is of Reece last night when I was home. It was all rainy and windy outside. He looked so sweet and cozy curled up on the couch watching Little Bear. I'm so glad I got to spend some time with him.

Lyssa, are you praying for me? I love you!


Dawn said...

Praying for you Kalona. Your posts are very inspiring. Thank you for taking the time to share with us.

Jennifer Mulkey said...

Prayers here still. Remember my Guardian Angel is available on loan ;) Actually, I have had a talk with my Guardian Angel and told him he has my permission to fly to your side to aid if needed, and then he can rush back to me :)

I know you probably just feel awful right now, but I'm so glad you got some time with Reese.

Hang in there, this will pass :)

"Pray, hope and don't worry" St. Pio.

H F J said...

Prayers and love!

Kori said...

Aunt Sharon,
Mom & gran are visiting. We just read your post & wanted you to know that we love you & are praying. Mom wants you to know that if you need anything to call or have Ron call. Sending you lots of love!!!!

Ahlyssa said...

Of course I am! :)
I'm sorry that you are not feeling very well. But remember all of your hard work is FOR something!
I love you!
We are ALL praying for you!!!!

Jennifer Mulkey said...

Thinking of you this afternoon, (sunday), it's 6:09 pm and hoping and praying you are getting through this part of your transplant ok.

Prayers ongoing.


Kalona said...

Thank you, all my dear ones! Your prayers are amazing. I feel much better than I did yesterday. The doctor says I probably won't feel as badly again as I did yesterday. I'm praying he's right about that! I love you all, and thank God for each one of you.

Angela M. said...

I offered my Mass and my Holy Communion for you last night. I got a huge piece of the Host too - I always seem to get that when I am praying especially hard for something.