Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Emotional Roller Coaster

I'm home!
The day was an emotional roller coaster.
First they told me I was going home.
Then they decided to remove the Apheresis line in my chest first.
Then the doctors that were supposed to do it said my platelet count had to be at least 50,000.

I've received platelets every day since the transplant and the highest they had gotten was around 20,000. My nurse said there was no way we could get them up high enough before the IR clinic closed for the day. I said that was okay, I'd just have it done on one of the days when I had to come back for labs. (I'll be going back every day for awhile for labs and any transfusions I might need). She said that they needed to start the platelets around midnight to have me ready by the next morning. I was heartbroken. I had already packed my stuff up and was so excited to be going home.

I told her I wanted a pass and would come back at midnight. She said I'd have to be back by 9 PM in time for night meds, so I said okay. I just had to get out of there for at least a few hours. I called Ron and told him I could only go out on a pass.

Then the nurse came in and said my labs came back and my platelet count was 55,000! She said she would call the IR clinic and see if they could squeeze me in. I was excited again!

Then she came back and said they said no, I was already on the schedule for the next day and they were full. Hopes dashed again.

Then she came back again and said they had called back and could take me! They rushed me down there and they pulled out the line.

When I got back to my room, Ron was waiting. We got everything packed up, the nurse brought my meds and did the discharge papers, etc. and we were out of there.

It had been 11 days since I'd been outside (when I was out on a pass one Friday). The weather was perfect, the day was beautiful, and it felt so wonderful to be out. I was so sick of the hospital smell. I immediately felt 100% better breathing fresh air. I even enjoyed the drive home in rush hour traffic. :o)

Ron went to the store and got steaks, some sweet potatoes, stuff to make a salad, some sourdough bread and we had a feast for dinner. It was so delicious after eating hospital food for three weeks.

I've been resting since dinner. The house is dirty, but I'm not supposed to clean, so tomorrow I'm calling cleaning services to get some estimates. I am washing our mattress pad and sheets right now.

Guess I'd better get out my meds and see what I'm supposed to take tonight. Then I'm having a bath, climbing into my freshly made bed, and I hope I'll sleep like a log.

God is good.


Agape said...

What good news! Enjoy!


Angela M. said...

Wonderful news! Prayers continue!

Sarah Oldham said...

Thank you, Jesus, for hearing our humble prayer for your servant, Kalona. We surround her in prayer asking Your loving kindness and mercy. Hear our prayer for her complete recovery and restoration. In Christ's name we pray with the aid of Mother Mary and all the Saints. Amen.

Anonymous said...

Sweet sister! So happy that you are full of joy to be home. Yes, God is good and faithful and awesome! Mom is going to be so excited when I tell her you're home. I'll wake her soon so we can have breakfast before I go to work. I love you! Love you BIG! Sandi

Anonymous said...

So glad you are home! Yesterday did sound like a roller coaster! Please take it easy! I love you!

Linda said...

I'm so glad you are home! I wish I could help with the house work. . I know it's frustrating to see the mess and not be able to do anything, (although I doubt your mess is anywhere near what mine is!) but please take it easy, and take care of yourself.

Anonymous said...

So happy that you are home! I have tried several times to write on here and it doesn't save my message?? I'm sure you can rest better at home. Please stay away from germs! XOXO

Jennifer Mulkey said...

YEA!!! I'm so glad you got to go home. Your own bed is going to feel so much better :) And steak for supper, YEA for Ron ;) So much better than hospital food. Now, just rest and don't try to do too much. Your body has been through so much with all of the chemo now that you really need to give it some much needed time off, so allow yourself to rest without freaking out about what needs to be done around the house (I know I do that too). Make sure you get enough fluids. Am so glad the counts are going up....YEA!!!

You are going to be feeling better before you know it. It will go fast.

Kelly said...

Hi Mom! I want to come over and see you (and I'll sneak in some house-cleaning even though I know you don't want me to have to go to the trouble-it's no trouble). :) We have to keep you healthy, that's the most important thing in the world right now.

Love you so much and glad you are home eating steak and sweet potatoes.

Alleluia, Praise the Lord!