Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Wow, we are right in the eye of tropical storm Hermine and we are getting drenched and windblown.

We needed the rain, but it came down so hard and fast, I'm sure there are flooded areas all over the San Antonio area. We always have flash floods when it rains hard for a long time because our ground is dense clay and rock.

Ron came home at lunch time. I was going to take him back to work and go to Mom's, but he didn't want me to drive in this weather, so he took her meds and stopped at her place on the way back to work.

I gave him a turkey sandwich and potato salad for lunch (and a Little Debbie cake for dessert). It was kind of nice to have him home for lunch. I hated for him to have to drive back in the storm. It was even worse then than it is now.

I worry about our trees and the fence in this kind of weather. We've lost huge limbs from one of our trees in similar winds, and one tree blew completely over a few years ago. We're at the top of a hill, so we get the full force of the wind.

The pictures are from our local newspaper, The San Antonio Express News.

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