Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Thank you all for sharing my joy about being home. I loved reading your comments on my roller coaster post. :o)

The first thing I have to do in this post is apologize to my sweet Ron. When I wrote my post yesterday, I hadn't been upstairs yet, and I had said the house was dirty. When I went upstairs last night, our bedroom and bathroom had been vacuumed, dusted and scrubbed. It looked beautiful and showed me how much he loves me. I felt terrible for what I'd said. Sometimes I'm so thoughtless. He had also mopped the kitchen and breakfast area with bleach water to make sure all germs were killed. He is a treasure. Ron, I'm sorry I'm such a goofball.

It's another gorgeous day here. Ron drove me to Wilford Hall this morning and dropped me off. I had an 8 AM appointment for labs and to see my doctor. Everyone expected that I would be there at least half the day because I'd need platelets or blood, but the lab results came back and all was good. Some of my counts were normal, others only a little bit low. They just gave me some fluids while I waited for the lab results, and some magnesium tablets because my magnesium was a little bit low. I didn't need platelets or blood transfusions--yay! They think I'll need platelets by tomorrow, though. They were very pleased, and told me to keep doing what I've been doing. I called Ron around 10 AM to come and pick me up. He was at work, and surprised to get the call so soon. :o)

He came to get me in no time, and took me to lunch at Macaroni Grill at 11. I had pasta e fagioli and crusty bread. Ron had chicken parmegiana. Now I'm home and he's gone back to work. I'm full and happy and I might take a nap.

I'm still thrilled to be home. And Ron, I love you.


Sarah Oldham said...

God has put a wonderful man in your life and blessed you with a humble heart - God bless you! Glad you can be home. ;) Hugs from HI

Jennifer Mulkey said...

You are so blessed with such a thoughtful husband :) Tom was my rock when I went through chemo and cancer. So I know how it is when you have a spouse who is supportive :) Please if you feel like it, pray for my Mom. She is in kidney failure and they think she may have multiple Myeloma (cancer). She doesn't know yet, but the oncologist we are going to tomorrow may come right out and tell her. We are asking that she be cancer free, but of course, always that God's will be done in everything. And also asking for strength, for her especially, she will be very scared. And also for the rest of the family, we will need it. She's 78, has had one heart attack, is severly diabetic, with blood sugar that's hard to control and is in kidney failure, so I think that chemo is probably out of the question for her.

Thanks, Kalona for the prayers, if you feel like it, and am SOOO glad you are home and feeling a little better :)

I saw the other day you had said you were fighting like a girl....then you GO girlfriend...cause I did too :D

God Bless, and much love,

Me :)

Anonymous said...

I love you Ron!!!! You are the best brother in law ever! I am coming down ASAP! When you can take you overly worried sister! I love you!! xoxoxxoxoxoox

Dawn said...

glad to hear you are home! Offered my time at Adoration for you last night!