Monday, September 13, 2010

Tuesday Chatter

Pics that make me happy. Jakie and an acorn, and Lyssa with a cute smile. :o)

The social worker here at the hospital loaned me a little broadband modem, so I'm able to get online tonight. Yay! I'll try to catch up with some of your blogs and the Catholic board. I've been able to see email and post comments to my blog from my iphone, but trying to post from it is not fun.

I had a rough day today. The chemo is affecting my lungs, and I've had some shortness of breath. Then I threw up this morning. The nurse gave me compazine for the nausea, which made me so zoned out the rest of the day, while still trying to breath. Whew! I'm feeling a bit better tonight, and the night nurse brought me a spirometer to help me get rid of the congestion.

Ron is here with me this evening. He was going to come up earlier, but I suggested he wait until this evening, when I might feel better. I'm glad he waited. It gave me time to walk around the hall for awhile, and take a shower.

Tomorrow he is going to bring Reece up with him! We are missing each other so much. I've talked with him on the phone every day, and he always says, "Can I come see you?" Today when I told him I was still in the hospital, he said, "Ooooh noooo!" so sad.

Our AC went out at the house, so Ron has been dealing with having that repaired. Poor guy had to stay in the hot house over the weekend because they couldn't get the parts we needed until Monday. But it's fixed now, and he said the house has cooled down.

I'm missing my dogs, but Ron says they are doing fine.

Ron and I went to Mass yesterday in the little chapel here at the hospital. It was nice and I really needed it! The priest who celebrated the Mass was the "new" priest from our old parish where Ron and I went through RCIA. He seems like a nice guy.

Thank you all for your continued prayers and support! Much love!


H F J said...

I have been teaching the children about offering up their sufferings. G had a stomach bug today and we remembered you when her tummy was aching. I didn't know you were, for sure, sick but I remember how the chemo used to make my aunt so nauseous. She was so cute praying for you. J was at school, but he keeps you, "my friend Mrs. Sharon in San-tonio", in his nightly prayers. Praying for a happy day with Reece for you tomorrow. Much love and prayers!

Oh, and G colored a picture of her and J praying for you during CCE on Sunday. I'll try to get it in the mail as fast as I can.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sharon, It's me and Mom. We just got back from dinner. We went to Johnny Carino's - Had Italian Nachos and bread with roasted garlic & mini deserts of cheesecake & tirimasu. I went to bible study after work today so we had to eat late. We prayed for you together today at lunch. She's doing good. Hasn't said that much about Teddy, just that she wonders if he's doing ok. Glad to hear the air is fixed at your house. Keep posting! We love you so much and there are so many people praying for you. Love, Mom & Sandi

Kalona said...

Oh, D, that is so sweet that G and J are continuing to pray for me! Give them big hugs for me and tell them I said, "Thank you and I love you!" That G offered up her tummy trouble for me almost made me cry. I'll look forward to seeing the picture she colored for me. Tell J that I have never forgotten the first time we met here in San-Tonio--he enchanted me from the start. :o)

Kalona said...

Hi Sandi and Mom! Yummo, it sounds like you had a wonderful dinner last night! Thank you for your prayers at lunchtime. I'm glad that Mom is doing well. I know she loves being there with you. Tell her that Kelly gave Ted a bath, and had to chase him around the yard. :o) She loves him so much, and will take great care of him. Let me know if there is anything you need from here.

Love you both!