Thursday, September 2, 2010

Wednesday and Thursday with Reece

My afternoon snack--hot fudge sundae. Mmmm.

It's hard to believe that it is already September. Of course it still feels like summer here well into October, but I'm looking forward to autumn. There is a different feel in the air.

Reece spent the night. His smile, his chatter, his beautiful presence makes everything more joyful. He told me, "Gramma, I missed you!" Later he was rubbing my head and said, "I got a cactus." :o) I'm still bald, but have lots of little 1/4" hairs sticking up all over my head. Reece thinks it looks like a cactus. I love it when he rubs my head. :o)

He went with Papa to the pool supply store for shock, to PetsMart for Blue Buffalo for the puppies, and to the grocery store. They came back with rainbow colored goldfish crackers, gummi bears, Little Debbie cakes, and a red velvet cake from the bakery. Papa buys him whatever he wants when they go to the store. :o)

He was supposed to sleep with Papa in the spare room because I had that radioactive stuff on Tuesday when I had the CT scan. But he let us know in no uncertain terms that he wanted to stay with me. So I explained that he had to sleep on his own side of the king-sized bed, and we put a pillow between us. He did fine all night, but I kept waking up, afraid he would fall off the bed on the other side. Usually he sleeps smack up against me all night, so I know where he is. This morning when I woke up, he was on top of the pillow I had put between us, with his arm around my neck. I moved him over, but even in his sleep he was reaching for me.

As I was lying there looking at him (I love to watch him sleep; he is so beautiful and peaceful) the phone rang. It was Jason, calling to let me know that he and his family are coming to visit this weekend. It's a good time for them to come, since I'm in between chemo treatments and feeling pretty good. I've been missing them so much, and I'm thrilled that they are coming. Reece is so excited that Uncle Jason is coming. He kept saying, "I want to see Jakey!"

When we left Great Gran's apartment today, Reece said, "That was fun!" He loves her so much, and she is crazy about him. They drew pictures, played with her little glass animals, and took Teddy for a walk.

Sunday is Great Gran's birthday, so we will have a celebration here after Mass. She will be 84 years old.


Jennifer Mulkey said...

Have a wonderful weekend :)

Kalona said...

Thanks, Jennifer! You, too!

Linda said...

Sunday is my birthday too! and I'm a sucker for a hot fudge sundae. My new favorite thing is vanilla ice cream with Nutella on it. Sometimes I put peanut butter with it too.

Kalona said...

Happy Birthday, Linda! Mmm, your new favorite thing sounds delicious. I'm going to have to try that. I like chocolate and peanut butter together.