Saturday, August 1, 2009

Summer Saturday

Wow, hard to believe it's August! The summer has flown by.

I've spent a nice afternoon alone with the puppies. Reece and I went to Gran's around 11, and I dropped him off at home about 12:30.

He liked the things I got for him, especially the cars. He liked the toothbrush, but doesn't like the sound it makes when I turned it on. I should have known. He hates things that buzz, like hair clippers. So I couldn't convince him to use it.

His new swim trunks fit perfectly and he looks so cute in them. We spent an hour in the pool after dinner, but then he wanted to go inside and play with the cars.

He enjoyed watching the movie (and I enjoyed watching him watching the movie), and eating the animal crackers. He's so much fun.

I decided to work outside this afternoon. Yesterday Reece and I picked up all the cans the puppies had scattered in the yard when they raided the recycle bag. Today I picked up puppy poop while they followed me around looking guilty. :o)

Then I picked up all of the bits and pieces of leaves, plants, wood, plastic, paper and other things they manage to find and drag onto the patio. I used my leaf blower to "sweep" the patio, then the pressure nozzle on the hose to finish cleaning it.

I moved everything back, then worked on the clutter on my potting bench. We all use it as a catch-all, so there were empty plastic flower pots, some toys, and just random clutter.

I cleaned and refilled the hummingbird feeder, watered all of my plants and put some water in the pool. I can't believe I'm still getting little tomatoes this late in the summer! And that plumeria tree had only one or two leaves on each stalk over the winter, but look at it now! I just wish it would bloom.

As I worked, I would stop now and then to get in the pool to cool off. The puppies love to get in with me, and it's fun for awhile. But they always want to swim to me, and their little toenails scratch! When I backed away, Katy would get on top of Sissy, and I would have to intervene to keep Sis from drowning! But they wanted to do it over and over again.

They're both trying to get one bone in the picture. I tried and tried to get a shot of them running together with it in their mouths, but they move too fast.

And now I need to do some birthday shopping and find myself something to eat for supper. I'm so bad about eating right when Ron is out of town. I had cinnamon rolls for breakfast and mini eclairs for lunch. Not what a diabetic should be eating! So I'd better come up with something healthy for supper.


K said...

Look how big they are!! Grace said, "They have real legs!!"
they look just like Black Golden Retrievers :D

Kalona said...

Yes, they are growing so fast! They do have real legs. ;o) They are still puppy playful, though. They have sweet personalities, like Goldens.