Saturday, August 15, 2009

Camryn and Reece

Reece and I picked up his sisters this morning after we went to see his Great Gran. Their parents wanted to go shopping, so I brought all three kids home with me.

I thought it might be a good chance to take some "artistic" pictures of Camryn. Hah! She wanted no part of my plan.

I wanted Ron to hold the black bag suspended in air with Camryn's head, shoulders and arms sticking out. He did it and she looked adorable. I turned to pick up the camera and when I turned back around, she was totally down inside the bag! That plan didn't work. But it did make us laugh.

Next I stuck her inside a stretchy black boa Kelly gave me. She didn't care for that much either. :o)

But even her mad face is cute.

This one is cute, too.

I had a few other props I wanted to try, but by this time she was in no mood for pictures. I wrapped her up snugly and rocked her and she went right to sleep.

Josh and Cyrise came back from their shopping expedition with a huge lollipop for the Lollipop Kid. He was delighted, and didn't mind posing for me. :o)

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