Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Good Dogs!

I took the puppies in for their final shots (until they are a year old) this morning. They weigh 30 pounds now! The vet said they've gained 15 pounds since their last visit, and he keeps saying that they are going to be "monsters," meaning he thinks they'll be very big dogs, especially Sister. She is a little heavier than Katy, and looks bigger.

He says they are not overweight, and that they can eat "as much as they like" while they are puppies. I feed them a specific amount 3 times a day, though, and will continue that routine since they are doing well on it. I'll cut back to twice a day when they are older.

I like our vet because he is so obviously delighted with the puppies. :o)

They also received the bordetella vaccine, which will prevent them from getting kennel cough while they are being boarded next week. I'm a little anxious about leaving them. They've never been away from me since they were 8 weeks old. They are friendly, social dogs, and they will be together, so that should make it easier.

I need to take them out more. They are used to being here all the time, and when I take them some place, they get soooo excited! It's hard to get them to calm down. I've been planning to start walking them in the neighborhood, but need to get them better leashes and collars.

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