Thursday, August 27, 2009

Going To The Chapel

My nephew is getting married! And we're going to the wedding next week.

Teddy and the puppies will be staying at the same place that Darcy and Banzai will be during our out-of-town trip. I made the reservations today. At least all 5 of them will be together, and they will be in an air-conditioned pet hotel. Katy and Sister will stay together in one "room," and Ted will have his own space, but they will be able to play together during supervised play times. I think Darcy and Banzai will have a room together, too. It will be like a vacation for them, too. :o)

I need to find Teddy's paperwork to see if his bordetella vaccine is up-to-date. As the time for our trip approaches, I keep thinking of more and more things I need to do!

I'm getting my hair cut tomorrow. I have mixed feelings about it. My hair is longer now than it has been in many years, and I've enjoyed being able to pull it back in a ponytail, bun or french braid this summer. Much cooler than having it down! But it makes me look like an old woman (I am an old woman, but I don't want to look older than I have to). So I'll go back to my longish swing bob tomorrow.

I need to do a bit of shopping. We will be celebrating two birthdays while we're all together, in addition to the wedding. My mom and my niece's husband both have birthdays on September 5th. Mom will be 83. My niece is bringing birthday cakes for both of them. :o)

I've had politics on my mind a lot, but all that is going on is so overwhelming I don't know where to start. Rosemary, at A Catholic Mother's Thoughts posted something this morning that has me fuming. Please read her post, No Rationing In National Healthcare? Think again! It's incredible to me that a person who is in the president's inner circle believes that a human life has so little value. If you love someone with dementia, you'll want to read this.

I have to get off this computer!

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Linda said...

The Rationing is frightening. I do believe though, that it's just a spot on the slippery slope started long ago. People have thought these things about the elderly for years. The only difference is that so many have lost sensitivity, so nothing is shocking anymore. It's more than sad... it should make all of us fume.
BTW, my birthday is Sept 5th too.... the feast day of Mother Theresa of Calcutta. :o)