Wednesday, July 29, 2009


These summer days seem to have a rising and falling rhythm. One day I'm busy as can be, the next is slow and sleepy.

Yesterday was busy, today is quiet and calm.

It's hot. We've had over 35 days of 100° plus weather. The only thing pretty blooming in my backyard right now is the plumbago, which is under a shady tree. The Black Spanish grapes are ripe, and the mockingbirds are feasting on them.

Aubrey and I went to her physical therapy appointment yesterday. When I dropped her off at home, I brought Reece home with me to spend the night. We ran some errands (Sears and the post office), then came home and spent a couple of hours in the pool. He loves the pool!

Reece and I stayed up rather late, then got up early to let the puppies out and feed them. By 10 AM he was sleepy again, so we lay down on my bed and watched PBS kid shows until he fell asleep again. I did, too. :o)

We visited Gran early in the afternoon. Reece pulled her into the bedroom and played cars with her the whole time we were there. I was not invited. :o) I love the way they love each other.

I had to bribe him with lunch in order to convince him that we had to leave. We stopped at McDonald's, his favorite place to eat, on the way home. I dropped him off around 2 PM and have been home since then.

A few minutes ago I went out to play with the puppies and check on them. They were in the pool. They love the water, too!

I walked around the yard, which is littered with bits and pieces of things they have chewed or destroyed--mostly leaves from plants, stuffing from the patio cushion, soda cans they steal from the recycle bin and the occasional toy that's been left where they can find it.

I found a rather deep round hole that they had dug, too. :o\

But they are so cute that forgiving them is easy.


Evann Rae said...

the dogs are cute (:
&& i broke my tooth because i found one of my old sippy cups from when i was little , and i was being dumb && was drinking sprite out of it , and it just cracked!
Werid huh?
&& me and grandma are trying to come up before September ,
we are trying to plan a weeek.
i love you sharon ,
tell all the kids i miss them terriablyy:(
- Evann

Kalona said...

Hi Evann,
I hope you and your grandma are able to come visit. That will be so much fun!

Yeah, it's crazy what will cause teeth to crack sometimes. I chipped one of mine biting on a piece of ice. Gran was eating bread when hers broke.

I love you, too, and I'll tell the kids that you miss them. We all miss you too, and hope to see you soon!

Love and hugs!