Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Back To The Beach?

I'm ready to go back to the beach!

Every day since our trip with Caelen I've been thinking about the beach and ocean.

I can almost hear the sound of the seagulls and smell the ocean breeze.

I enjoyed watching random people in their sailboats. :o)

Even in the Gulf of Mexico, the ocean looks like it goes on forever.

Being at the beach was a perfect way to end the day.


Aussie Therese said...

have you taken the puppies to the beach yet Kalona?

Our dog loves the beach and everytime we go we take him. I bet Katy and sister would love it too.

Kalona said...

No, we haven't taken the puppies, Therese, but I bet it would be fun! We are planning to go just to the beach next time, without stops at other places, so perhaps we can take them with us. They love the water, so I know they would have a ball.

Sarah said...

Aww, come on over to "our" beach . . . I'll be you'd make a brill tour guide, let alone grand friend.

I wonder what Holly will think when we take her?

Kalona said...

Wish I could take you up on that offer, Sarah! I hope Holly loves the water. I know you are anxious to get her home with you.