Saturday, July 4, 2009

Let Freedom Never Perish

We had a really nice, laid-back sort of Fourth of July. Everyone was here except for Kelly and Mike. The kids watched a movie, played with the Wii, and swam with their dads. Ron, Jason and Josh grilled the marinated chicken thighs that Josh and Cyrise brought and drank some beer. The chicken was delicious. Mom had fun watching the kids in the pool, and Teddy enjoyed being here with the puppies and eating Maggie's food. :o)

Jacob and Reece loved jumping into the pool with their daddys. It's amazing how quickly Jake has conquered his fear of the water. Reece wore his daddy out wanting to jump to him and go underwater. We finally had to get him out of the pool, and he was so upset. But he calmed down quickly once we got inside.

Josh and his family went home for awhile after we ate, so the kids could rest before we went to watch fireworks. They came back over later and we all went to watch the fireworks show in a small town nearby. It was fun. The kids and I were in the back of Ron's pickup, and they all enjoyed the pretty fireworks. I was holding Reece, and he kept getting heavier and heavier. He was almost asleep by the end of the show.

There was a long line of cars on the way back, but seeing fireworks on the Fourth of July is worth the trouble, I think. It's a tradition we enjoy. I hope you had a wonderful Fourth, too!

Please pray for America.

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