Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Jake's Got SkilZ

Jacob has never played t-ball, but the kid has some serious hitting skills. :o)

Reece has a little t-ball set with plastic balls and a plastic bat, and Jakie wanted to try it out. I told him to put the ball on the tee and hit it with the bat.

At first he knocked the ball a few feet out into the yard. So I told him to knock the heck out of the ball and hit a certain bush in the yard. And he did. Then I told him to hit the tree. And he did. Every time I told him where to hit it, he did.

I told him he would have to show Reece how to hit the ball. Reece uses the bat like a pool cue, and knocks the ball off with the bottom of the bat. :o)

I love my little grandsons.

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