Thursday, July 16, 2009

Puppy Report

The puppies are getting bigger and losing some of their "baby look," but they are still as cute as can be.

These pictures were taken this morning, shortly after they had breakfast. They get sleepy after meals. :o)

This is sleepy Katy.

And here is sleepy Sister.

I bought a book, The Puppy Whisperer, to help with training. They are learning how to sit and walk on their leashes. They know that "kennel" means that they are to go into their crate (although they will try to run around for awhile first if I let them get away with it). They are smart and catch on quickly.

They chew everything. They like to splash in their water dish. Pulling grass up by the roots is a favorite game. They will jump into the pool if we are swimming, but so far they have not gone in alone. They are wonderful swimmers.

So far they are sweet, loving puppies and we are enjoying them. I do limit my time away from them because I don't want to leave them in the crate too long.

They are still in one crate, but will need another one soon. I love that they are constant companions, but want them to be independent dogs, too. So they are trained separately, and each will have her own "den."

They have an appointment at the vet tomorrow for their booster shots. I'm curious to see how much they weigh now. I can almost see them grow!

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K said...

I popped over here with the express hope that you had an update on the pups.