Sunday, February 24, 2013

Weekend Roundup

Pic taken a few weeks ago. 
I spent the afternoon with Kelly today.  I met her for lunch at Willie C's where we had fried oysters with french fries and coleslaw.  Her treat.  (Thanks, Kel!)  They were good!

Then we went hiking.  Can you believe I went hiking?  Well, it was really more like strolling, but we walked the main trail at the park all the way up to the lookout tower and back down.  It's .9 of a mile up there, so we walked nearly 2 miles, a lot of it uphill.  Kelly let me use her walking stick.  I thought my legs would be aching tonight, but they are fine.  I walk up and down our stairs so much, I guess they are used to climbing.

We talked the whole time, and enjoyed saying hi to lots of other hikers and dogs.  It was pretty busy today, because of the nice weather.  We didn't even need jackets, and Kel had on above the knee shorts.  Mo, if you're reading, I wore blue jeans, a long sleeved red tee shirt and my black SAS walking shoes.  :o)  (Mo likes to know what people wear when they go out to do things).

I wanted to get off the main trail and hike on some of the natural trails, but when we tried it I immediately lost my balance on the rocks and uneven ground.  Kelly grabbed my arm and said, "Oh no, we're not doing this."  So back to the main trail we went.  My balance is still not quite back to normal because of the cauda equina syndrome.  Boo.

It was just fun to be with her, and soak up some fresh air and sunshine.

Here's a link about the park.

I got home around 4 PM and Reece was glad to see me.  He said, "Gramma, I been waiting for you all day!"  He went downstairs to get a snack and came back with a piece of pizza for himself and one for me.  And two sodas.  "I brought you a Zero," he said, smiling his sweet smile at me.  Gosh I love that kid.  And after all that walking, I needed that Zero.

I've eaten out so much this past week.  Ron and I sometimes steal away to a quieter place in the evenings.  Saturday  night we were going to Cheddars, but it was jam packed, so we went to the Gristmill in Gruene.  It was fun being there after dark.  All the businesses have pretty lights (I love neon lights and strings of lights), and we could hear bits of music from various places.  There was a cowboy playing and singing in the wine garden, a band in Gruene Hall, and we could hear others as we passed by different places.

Ron and Reece went to Gran's for me today.  They said she was doing fine.  Ron said Reece kept her occupied the whole time they were there.  He does like to keep her busy playing with toys and her little knicknacks that he thinks are toys just for him.  :o)

It has been a pleasant, happy weekend.  Hope yours was nice, too!

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