Monday, February 18, 2013


The weekend was nice and quiet--not much going on around here.

Ron and I did go out to dinner for our anniversary on Friday, and that was fun.  I didn't want to get all dressed up, so we just went to Outback.  Both of us had seafood.

He is off work today for President's Day, so we went out for breakfast this morning.  We like eating breakfast out.  

Ron has been painting the frames around two of the upstairs windows over the weekend and today.  He hates being up on the ladder, and I don't blame him.  As usual, it takes him forever because he is a super perfectionist.  I've never known anyone so patient.  I'm not like that at. all.  Not a perfectionist.  Not patient.  But even though it drives me crazy sometimes, I still love that about him.

We went grocery shopping for Mom after dropping Aubrey off at school.  She was happy to have a full pantry and fridge again, and especially happy to get the little flavored coffee cups and some little cakes and cookies.  Food makes her happy.  :o)  Me, too.

She has enjoyed her valentine tulips so much.  They have opened up all the way now (pic was taken a few days ago), and will probably be finished tomorrow.  I should make sure she has fresh flowers all the time.  She's been asking about planting the pots on her patio.  It's been so warm here it seems like we should be planting.

I've picked up the kids at school now.  They are outside in the beautiful sunshine.  It's 77 degrees and will get a bit warmer by 5 PM.  It has taken me all day to write this post because I write a paragraph, then go do something else.  But now...I'm done.  

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