Friday, February 22, 2013

Friday Five, The Aubrey Edition

1.  Aubrey went with me to PetsMart to buy dog food.  While we were there we looked at the fish, birds, hamsters and gerbils.  She was particularly enchanted by the hamsters and wanted to bring one home (no way).  As we were leaving she said, "That was fun.  I liked to look at the chickmunks."  :o)  So cute.

2.  She used to always say, "I dudn't" instead of "I didn't."  I would tell her there is no such word as "dudn't."  She insisted that it's a word, but I notice that she's not using it much any more.  Now she corrects Camryn by saying, "There is no such word as dudn't."

3.  She stayed home from school yesterday.  She vomited during the night, and had a slight fever Thursday morning.  And she has an awful sounding cough.  She declared that she was going to school anyway, even after we told her she might make her classmates and teachers sick.  She said, "But I want to go!"  If she wants to eat her sister's cookie or drink her juice and we tell her no, that is Camryn's, she will whine, "But I want it!"  As if wanting something should make it automatically hers.  :o)

4.  Reece gets very upset with us if we scold Aubrey.  He says, "She can do that!" even when it's something naughty.  He says that she is his best friend, and she says the same thing about him.  I love the way they stand up for each other.

5.  She calls Reece her "brudder."  Sometimes she calls Camryn "Cam," and Gina "G."  She is the tiniest little thing, but she thinks she is large and in charge.  I call her Bossy Butt.  She's feisty and I love her, even when she is being a stinker.

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