Friday, February 1, 2013

Fun Friday Stuff and Hot Van

Mom and I went out to lunch today.  I think it will become a weekly tradition.  She enjoys getting out and about, and I enjoy her stories and conversation.  She always talks about her grandmother.  She's such a cutie. 

We went to a new Mexican place nearby, Mama Margies.  Mom likes Mexican food.  A lot.  :o)

The multicultural day at the kids' school was fun.  The children all loved the Cherokee fry bread, and so did the adults who were there.  Reece and I gave a little presentation about the Cherokees--just telling the class about Reece's heritage, and teaching them a few words in Cherokee.  They all shouted out the Cherokee words perfectly.  And I showed them my moccasins and told them that was how the Cherokee and other Indians made their shoes a long time ago.  But the fry bread was what they were most interested in.  :o)

Our "new" van has been getting hot the past couple of days.  Josh thinks it has lost some coolant--we have a spot on the driveway.  I hope we have not bought a lemon.  We really like it, though, so I hope it will be okay.  Josh is going to take a look at the hoses when he comes home from school.  He said one of them may have been blown loose when he hit the gas hard the other day, when he pulled out in front of a car he didn't see.  There is a definite blind spot, so you really have to look carefully before pulling out or changing lanes.

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