Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Date:  Wednesday, February 6, 2013 

Time and Weather:  It's 7:53 AM, cloudy and drizzling outside.  I'm hoping the drizzle turns into something more substantial later in the day.  We need rain!  It's 61 degrees and will get up to around 69 today, according to the little weather thing on my computer.  

Clothes:  Knit pants in gray, a short sleeved blue-green and black print tee, black socks with greenish dragonflies on them.

Food:  I woke up shaky and sweaty this morning because my blood sugar was too low.  It's rarely where it should be, but either too high or too low.  So I had to eat something quick before taking Reece to school.  Cyrise had made little mini cheesecakes yesterday, so I had one of those and a Coke.  I was okay to drive when it was time to go.  Not a very healthy breakfast, but I needed sugar fast.

Sounds:  It's really quiet here this morning.  The birds aren't singing.  They must be staying cozy out of the rain.        

Little Favorites: I love Catholic medals and prayer cards.  Of course St. Peregrine, patron saint of people with cancer, is at the top of the list right now, but I like them all.

Arts and Crafts: I made a funky fringed scarf from an old tee shirt a few days ago.  It's kind of cute and I wore it one day, but not sure I'll ever wear  it again.


Reece, pretending to pout.  :o)


I had this song on my old Playlist.  I don't understand a word of it, but I love the music.  It's so soothing and bluesy.  Ai Du, By Ali Farka Toure.


A Memory: When it was time for Ron to PCS from Japan, he asked me where I would like to go.  He named some possibilities, one of which was Atlanta, but I said I wanted to go to San Antonio.  I don't know why I said that, it just sort of popped out.  And lo and behold, that's where we ended up.  :o)  

He was assigned to Ft. Sam Houston, and we leased a house in Converse where we lived for a year or so.  We decided to buy a house and started looking with a realtor.

He showed us a lot of houses, and I fell in love with the one we live in now.  I didn't think we were going to get it because Ron thought it was too expensive and wanted to continue looking.  But we qualified for the house and moved in the spring.

Before we moved in I was at the house one day, waiting for the termite inspector or somebody.  I was standing at the patio doors looking out into the backyard.  Everything was so green; at the time we had two big trees back there, and no pool.  It felt like a dream, finally being able to settle down in a home of our own again.  Suddenly a little flock of sparrows flew up into one of the trees.  They seemed agitated, and as I watched I saw a blue parakeet among them.  The sparrows were all picking at him, and then the whole flock of them flew away.  

I saw the blue parakeet in the trees a couple of times after that.  I dubbed him "the blue bird of happiness."  He was a little sign that we would indeed be happy here, and we have been.

Thank you, God: For all the material things you give us--food, shelter, clothing, vehicles and all the little extras--as well as the love, faith and spiritual gifts you've given to us.  We are abundantly blessed.  Amen

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