Thursday, January 31, 2013

Thursday Chitchat

I was at the BMT clinic today for the first time since December 4th.  It was nice to see Dr. O and the BMT staff.  And I saw Dr. B and talked with him for awhile.

They accessed my port and sent the blood off to the lab.  All was well.  Dr. O wants to give me IVIG again in the next couple of weeks because of the flu going around.  I've had it once and my immune system was able to fight it off.  The IVIG will strengthen my immune system, though, in case I get it again.

My nurse today is a gentle giant of a man who very sweetly scolded me about taking better care of my diabetes.  I promised him I would do better about checking my sugars and taking my insulin.  He said, "It would be a shame to beat cancer and be taken out by diabetes."  I have to agree with that!  He used to work in a diabetes ward.

Gotta run.  I haven't gone to Mom's yet, and need to get over there and then back here to pick up Reece at school.  Aubrey didn't go today.  I got back in time to take her, but her mom had already called the school to tell them she wouldn't be there.  Aubrey was happy to be able to stay at home.

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