Saturday, January 26, 2013

Saturday Summary

Wow, it's quiet here right now.  Josh and his family have gone to the grocery store and Ron went to the pool store for shock.  

Reece and I went to Gran's this afternoon.  He loves her so much.  We stayed over there for quite awhile.  It's peaceful, and Gran does whatever he wants to do.  We baked some cookies and they took Teddy for two walks.  Reece took Gran out onto the patio.  He was pretending to take Teddy to school out there, and he told me that no Grammas were allowed in school.  Only dogs, Great Grans and Reece.  :o)  Teddy got into trouble at school for not paying attention.  Hmmm.

We're still having great weather--74 degrees right now.  I feel bad for the people in the north with all the frigid temperatures and ice.

Have you seen those stories about Obama with flies on his face?  Weird.  It's happened quite a few times, evidently.  When I told Kelly about it, she said, "Lord of the flies."  :o)  That was such a sad book.

I made cinnamon bread pudding on Thursday.  It was so good.  I need to make it more often.  Josh has liked it since he was a little boy, and Ron likes it, too.  And so do I!  Real comfort food.

It was so warm yesterday that we stayed outside from the time the kids got home from school until dark.  I blew the leaves off the patio, and Cammy and I walked all around the yard with the yard cart, picking up toys and bits and pieces of junk.  The kids and I ate out there and just enjoyed the gorgeous weather.

So far it's been a nice weekend.  Hope you're enjoying yours.

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