Monday, January 21, 2013

Mom's Pretty Apartment

Click the pictures to see them larger.

My sister Sandi and her daughter, Kori, were here over the weekend.  They spent some time hanging Mom's pictures and things and cleaning.  The apartment looks so pretty.  They both have "the knack." I've claimed this cozy little corner.  Mom got those pictures at an art party, I think.  I've always liked that little oak chest with the marble top.  She's had it for a long time.

This corner is diagonally across from "my" corner.  We got those prints for Mom when we lived in Hawaii.  They were done by a local artist.  There are two more in the set that we gave to Ron's mom.  I believe Kelly has them now.  This corner is near the patio doors.

This little table is near the entry door.  The silvery crosses go well with the picture frame, I think.

Here is the new couch.  The small pillows came with it.  Sandi brought the larger pillows from her place.  Mom really likes them.

I'm not sure where Mom got these prints.  Ron made the frames for them years ago.  The handsome soldier on her nightstand is my dad.

Thank you Sandi and Kori!  You did a beautiful job decorating Mom's apartment and making it look like home for her.

Reece and I were at Mom's for a long time this afternoon.  I finally got her cable and phone service working correctly.  The young man who helped me was so kind and courteous, and very patient.  He did it all from wherever he was, so no one needed to come out at all.

Ron goes back to work tomorrow, and the kids back to school.  The long weekend was nice.


Adrienne said...

Wow! It looks beautiful!

I was thinking about you today as I sewed up some projects and was making good use of my pin cushion.

Kalona said...

Thanks, Adrienne. Mom is so happy to have her things hung on the walls. My sister and niece are so sweet and talented.

I think of you and Sarah when I use my pincushion, too. :o)