Sunday, January 6, 2013


Lots going on in our lives right now.

Josh will start school tomorrow.  He has enrolled in the Hallmark College airframe and powerplant technology course.  The course will take about 15 months, so next spring he should graduate and will hopefully find a good, well-paying job that he enjoys.  I'm excited for him!

We bought a van over the weekend.  We need it with the grandkids getting bigger.  The truck was a tight squeeze for all 4 of them.  So now everyone will have his or her own seat and plenty of room.   It seats 7, so there's even an extra seat.  It's a silver Dodge Caravan, not new, a 2008, but it's loaded with extras and is very nice.  We had a Dodge conversion van for years, and it was a good one.  I hope this one will be even better.    

With Josh in school during the week, I'll be the one taking the kids back and forth to school now.

A Reecism:
A few days ago Reece and I were sitting on the couch, talking about reading and the sounds letters make.  I asked him to tell me some words that start with the B sound.

Reece:  "Ball."
Gramma:  Yes.
Reece:  "Banana."
Gramma:  Yes.
Reece:  "Baby."  
Gramma:  Yes, that's a good one.
Reece:  "Bastard."
Gramma:  Oh!  (trying not to laugh and covering it with a cough and an hmmm).  Yes, that's a B word, but you probably shouldn't share that one with your teacher.
Reece:  "Okay."

(I did not teach him that word).        

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