Sunday, January 13, 2013

Monster Trucks and Babysitting

Josh and Cyrise are taking Reece and Aubrey to the monster truck show this afternoon.  Camryn and Gina will stay with me and Papa.  

Cammy was pretty upset that she didn't get to go.  She hates to be left out of anything.  But Papa has a way of making her happy.  He took her with him to pick up Chinese food for lunch, and she was all smiles.  Gina is napping, so it's really quiet around here.  Nice.  :o)

I was all ready to go to Mom's, but have been delayed by the leave taking and lunch picking up and the little one sleeping in her room.  Someone has to be here with her.  

It looks pretty outside, all sunshine and blue skies.  But it's only 52 degrees and a little windy.  The wind is from the northwest and it's cold.  I really dislike winter.

Hope you're having a beautiful Sunday.  Today is the Commemoration of the Baptism of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

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