Saturday, January 19, 2013

South Central Texas Saturday

We've had a gorgeous day here, sunny and not too cold.  Sixty-eight degrees right now.  

My sister Sandi showed up around noon and we went with her to Mom's.  She was going to hang pictures and go through boxes this afternoon. 

Ron and I went to Mama's Cafe for lunch around 1:30 or 2.  Ron had a smothered steak and I had a turkey fiesta sandwich and fried okra.  They have little table juke boxes at the booths (like the pic above).  

When we got home, Reece wanted me to help him put his Monster Mutt truck together.  He got it at the Monster Truck Show.  It's a K'Nex toy.  So we did that and he is having fun playing with it now.

I'm waiting for the cable guy to call and let me know when he's on his way to Mom's.  They said it could be any time between noon and 9 PM.  Hope they can fix it quickly and easily; her phone is not working, either.

Are you having a good weekend so far?  Hope so!  

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