Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Date:  January 23, 2013.  It's Wednesday again, but it feels like Thursday to me.

Time and Weather:  It's 8:22 AM, 46 degrees, and very foggy this morning.  We've been having gorgeous weather this week, with highs in the 60s and 70s and blue skies.  This is when we love living in Texas.  

Clothes:  Black velour pull-on pants, turquoise t-shirt and black socks.  

Food:  Just had a cup of Earl Grey with honey and a piece of toast (Health Nut bread) with apricot jam.  

The House:  We need a maid.  

Sounds:  It's quiet, even though the little girls are up and about.  I hear the rotating fan in my bedroom and some car sounds from outside.  

Books:  We can't find a couple of the kids' library books.  About the only books I read these days are kid books.  I think I'll start reading them chapter books.  

Oh wait--I am reading a book on my kindle.  It's Lord of the World by Robert Hugh Benson.  I keep starting over because I read some of it, then put it down and forget about it for weeks.  It does not hold my attention.  :o)

Little Favorites:  L'Oreal age perfect eye cream and age perfect face cream.  The graft vs. host has played havoc with my skin, and these seem to be the best at making my face look and feel normal.     

Arts and Crafts:  That darn sweater is still on the blocking board.  I wish a knitting fairy would come and put it together for me.  I was looking up the mattress stitch on You Tube and got sidetracked watching someone knit continental style, and now I want to learn that.  It's a lot faster and more efficient, I think.  

Music:  At bedtime Reece and I have been listening to a chant CD I've had for several years.  He loves it, and asks me every night to put on the "pretty music."  He's loved chant since he was really little.  This CD is called Chant, by the Benedictine Monks of Santo Domingo De Silos.  We have some other chant CDs, but this one is his favorite.

A Memory:  Ski trips to Colorado with Ron and the kids.  I remember Jason, skiing downhill like a little bullet after only a couple of days.  And Kelly in her little yellow ski suit, snowplowing down the slopes.  Oh they were so cute!  

We usually went to Breckenridge.  Our favorite place to eat was a little cafe called The Gold Pan.  Excellent breakfasts!  

When Josh came along, my mom and dad and Ron's mom went with us one year.  Mom and Dad put Josh in a cardboard box and pushed him down a little hill.  The box turned over and dumped him out, and they said he was so mad at them!  He was only about 2 years old.  :o)

We stayed in a beautiful condo that year, and I'll never forget sitting by the window and watching the snow fall through the pine trees.  There was a little stream that ran next to the condo.  The snowflakes were so big they looked like feathers.  It was like being in a snow globe.

That was such a wonderful trip.  Our nephew, Jared, was with us, too.  At night the kids would play games, and the adults would play cards.  My dad got so tickled because Ron's mom Twylah said that she was "a card playing fool."  (She was, too).  Dad laughed about that for years.  We would drink mulled wine and hot chocolate by the fireplace, talk, play games and go to bed early so that we could get up and ski all day the next day.  A beautiful memory. 

Thank you, God:  You have blessed me with such a loving family.  Thank you for Ron, our children and grandchildren, my mom, my sisters, nieces and nephews and extended family.  Please pour out your blessings on all of them, and those who have passed away, as well.  Have mercy on us and all of your children.  Amen

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