Thursday, January 3, 2013

The New Year Begins

Good grief.  I accidentally deleted a long post, and now I'm too frustrated to rewrite it.  Here's the abbreviated version. 

We loved having Jason and his family here.  They left Wednesday afternoon.

Highlights of the visit:  Jason and Lyssa playing their guitar and viola together.  They are writing a song together and it's very pretty.  Lyssa has been playing for only 2 years, but is the first viola chair.  She is so talented.

Shopping for jewelry with Ahlyssa and Lily.  They are such sweet girls.  Lys found a delicate silver filigree bracelet, and Lily a gold locket necklace for their Christmas gifts.  I think they like their treasures, and I was happy because they were on sale and are good quality pieces for my beautiful  granddaughters.  

Showing Lily how to knit at the last minute before they left.  She picked it up right away, and is going to make a scarf at home.  I was amazed at how fast she understood what to do.  She is eager to come back for Spring break.

Impromptu concerts every night.

Kismette's yummy cookies.  She always brings a big box of cutout, decorated cookies and we snack on them the whole time they are here.  She also brings Chex Mix--yum!

Seeing our little guys, Jacob and Reece, growing closer each visit.  They played and played and stayed up late to be together.  It was nice.  

Our oldest grandson, Caelen, is so sweet with the kids.  He mostly plays games on the computer and sleeps when he is here, and comes up for air and food now and then.  :o)  He's gotten so tall and lanky. He towers over me.

The little girls are always happy when their cousins are here.  And their Uncle Jason.  Poor guy,  he gets pestered to death, but he is always so loving and patient with them.  

Having family with us is such a great way to celebrate Christmas and the New Year.

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