Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Late Night Chatter

We had that drizzly, messy kind of rain all day today and tonight.  And it's cold.  Ick.

Reece and I went grocery shopping for Gran this morning.  He wanted bean and cheese tacos for lunch, so we stopped at Taco Cabana and picked up lunch for Gran, too. 

We got her a Mr. Coffee for Christmas.  It uses the little pods.  At first she didn't make coffee because she wasn't sure how to use it.  I showed her a few times and now she's confident enough to do it herself.  She loves that coffee.  It makes a perfect cup every time, which is much different from her coffee before.  She would make it so dark it was nearly undrinkable, even for her. 

We were at Gran's for quite awhile.  I got the groceries unloaded and put away while they ate lunch.  Then they took Teddy for a walk and didn't come back, so I went looking for them.  Teddy was having trouble doing his business, and made a big mess on himself, so we had that to deal with when we got back.  Yuck.

I took Reece to the barbershop for a haircut when we left Gran's.  I told him that we were going to Papa's barbershop, and he was all for that.  The barber was elderly and took a long time cutting Reece's hair, but he did a good job.  Reece was very good.  He just made some faces when the barber used the clippers around his ears and neckline.  He looks very handsome.  :o)  

Mom's sofa was delivered Monday morning. It is extremely firm, which I don't remember from the one we saw in the store, and one of the attached back pillows is a little higher than the other two.  It's pretty, though.  I'm just glad she finally has a sofa and that she likes it.

Reece and Aubrey go back to school tomorrow.  Makes me a little bit sad.  I call Reece my little attachment, because he is with me almost constantly when he's home.  But he is ready to go back, and excited to see his teacher and his friends again.  I'm happy for that.  Aubrey is ready, too.

Josh also likes his school.  Looking at his paperwork, it looked like he had a huge number of classes.  But he said that some of them are only for a few days.  

I'd better get to bed.  We will all be up early tomorrow and I'll take Reece to school at 7:20 or so, and then Aubrey at 11:15.  Then I'll pick them up at 2:30.  Oh, and Teddy has an appointment at the groomer's at 9 a.m.  I'll be giving the van a workout.  I like driving it.

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Adrienne said...

I'm exhausted just reading this.

Yesterday I ran tons of errands after getting my hair cut, but didn't have anyone else to deal with and I still felt like a truck had run over me by the time I got home.

I got my annual $10.00 off a $20.00 purchase coupon from Staples so I "gifted" myself with some new stationary and some Martha Stewart chalkboard labels. That was fun...