Sunday, November 18, 2012

Weekend Chatter

Reece's Thanksgiving feast on Friday was very nice.  They had turkey and all the trimmings, and they didn't have to eat cafeteria food.  The moms and grammas helped with crafts before the meal.  That was fun.  The kids wore little "deer skin" vests made of brown grocery bags.  They decorated them first.  And they all had pilgrim hats.  They looked so cute.

I went to Mom's after the feast and took her a big mac, which she hadn't had in ages, if ever.  She really enjoyed it.  Yesterday she had some leftover apricot glazed chicken that Cyrise made, with rice and stir-fried mixed veggies.  Mom really enjoyed it.  She's so little, but can eat a lot!

Today I'll take her some leftover pizza and pasta.

I stopped at the thrift store Friday, looking for additional pieces of my stoneware.  They didn't have any this time, but I found a couple of new looking shirts.  I'm wearing one of them now--a turquoise 3/4 sleeve linen and poly with pleats at the bodice and in the back from Croft and Barrow.  It's loose and tunic like.  I like it.  The other one is a dark red, long sleeved, and has pleated ruffles down the front and on the cuffs.  I've washed them both, but haven't worn the red one yet.  Oh, they were $3.98 each.    

The sunflowers I bought at Trader Joe's last weekend are still gorgeous.  One of them died, but it was because the kids messed with it.  

Josh and Cyrise took the girls to the park this morning, but they are home now, causing chaos.  Reece and I are going to Great Grans.

See you back here soon.

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