Monday, November 12, 2012

Gina Is Two!

Gina had her second birthday on Thursday, November 8th.  Poor little girl, she wasn't feeling well on her special day.  But she got a couple of toy gifts and a couple of new outfits and one of the little birthday cakes her mommy likes to get for them.

Gina had her birthday cake in front of her, and Cammie said, "Dive in, Gina!" and tried to push her face into the cake.  I told Cyrise that would have been a funny video.  :o)  Gina didn't make too much of a mess with her cake, and we all enjoyed having a little piece.

We turned in Mom's application for the apartment today.  We should hear whether or not she's accepted by sometime tomorrow.  I sure hope she gets it.

It has been cold here.  Our high today was 62, but it was in the 50s most of the day.  Mom and I wore jackets and scarves when we were out.  The low forecast is for 38 degrees for tonight (or early in the morning) and 60 for a high tomorrow.  Reece will definitely need long pants in the morning, and his sweatshirt jacket.

I'm having some hot chocolate with a dollop of sweetened condensed milk in it.  Oh yum.

Ron is having a little vacation.  He took off Friday, was off today for Veterans Day, and will be off Tuesday and Wednesday.  I'm glad he was finally able to get some down time.

Not sure how many we'll have here for Thanksgiving, but I'm hoping for a house full.

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