Sunday, November 11, 2012

Busy Weekend

Ron and I went looking at apartments for Mom Friday morning.  We looked at several complexes close to us, and wound up liking the first one we looked at best.  It's very close to where we live, too.  

We took Mom out to lunch, and then to see the apartment Saturday afternoon.  She liked it, so we are turning in the application tomorrow.  It was also approved by Reece.  :o) 

The apartment won't be available until December 21st, but that shouldn't be a problem.  The manager at the complex where she lives now said that she can stay until she finds a place.

This morning Josh and Cyrise took the three oldest kids to Wurstfest.  Gina stayed with me and Papa because she is sick.  They had a great time riding the rides and eating food on a stick.  :o)

I went to Mom's and took her a huge plate of kalbi and rice.  Made some corn over there.  She loved it, as usual.  Teddy did too.  :o\

I got back, the kids got home and Ron and I left to meet Kelly for lunch and shopping at Trader Joe's.  We had lunch at The Quarry at Canyon Cafe, then Ron went home and Kelly and I went across the street to Trader Joe's.  There was a line to park, and once inside, the line to pay went from one side of the store to the other.  It went pretty quickly, though.  They are very organized, and most people were not buying a lot.  Everyone was just checking it out.

Kelly and I both got flowers, which my friend Linda said were good buys, and boy was she right!  I got some cookie butter, walnuts, tahini, and I can't remember what else.  Kelly got wine, hummus, cheese, tomatoes, cookie butter, and a bunch of other stuff.  She spent twice as much as I did. 

The store was smaller than I expected, but had a lot of good stuff.  I'll go back again.

Kelly brought me home, but first we stopped at the new apartment complex so that Kelly could see where Gran will be moving.  She liked it, too.  

I'm really tired tonight.  Glad tomorrow is a holiday and Reece and Aubrey have no school.

Happy Veterans Day to all the vets out there!  


Kelly said...

I had fun yesterday. I just got finished tasting the Trader Joe's Kim Chi and it's very yummy. It's much milder than the home-made kim chi I make so is probably a good version for Western taste buds. Mike still won't try it, though. That's okay - more for me! He did really like the Wild Salmon Jerky I brought home.

I can't wait to get Gran moved and into the nicer place. I really liked those apartments and I wish we could have gone inside so I could see the interior of her floor plan. I checked out their website so I have a good idea of what's it's like inside. :)

I hope Gina feels better soon and I also hope that cough goes away. Call your doctor!

Love you!

Kalona said...

I had fun, too. Glad the kim chi was good and that Mike liked the jerky.

I'm excited about Gran moving, too. We turned in the application this afternoon, and they said they should be able to let us know if she is accepted later today.

Gina seems a little better today. I have been trying to avoid the kids, but it's so hard!

Love you, too!