Monday, November 5, 2012

Monday Chatter

How was your day?  Hope you've had a good start to a new week.

The time change always throws everyone for a loop for the first week or so.  The little girls were up at 6 AM today.  They've been going to bed around 7, and yesterday went down at 6.  They didn't know the difference, it felt like bedtime to them.  :o)  But no wonder they woke up so early!

I always get up to spend time with Reece before he goes to school.  Sometimes his daddy makes his breakfast, and sometimes I do.  By the time he eats, gets dressed, brushes his teeth and combs his hair, it is about time to leave for school, which starts at 7:30.  They are supposed to be there at 7:20 or 7:25, though, or they get locked out of the drop off spot and have to go in through the office.

When Josh got back, I went upstairs to take my meds and get online for awhile.  I'm sick of the election stuff and am glad it will soon be over.  Praying like crazy that we have a new president soon!  Reading online made me sleepy, so I went back to sleep (bad habit I have).

I went to Mom's about 1 PM, taking her some of the pork tenderloin and roasted potatoes left over from dinner last night (and a piece of cherry pie).  I heated up some canned green beans to go with it, and you would have thought she was having a feast.  She enjoyed it so much.  She's always impressed that Josh and Cyrise do the cooking, and tells me to tell them how good it was.  :o)

Her next door neighbor was outside when I was on the patio, and stopped to talk.  She had made some jumbo pumpkin nut muffins, and gave us two of them.  I only ate half of mine and left the other half for Mom, so she had all kinds of goodies today.  Those muffins were outstanding!

Mom's neighbor on the other side has moved.  She is such a sweetie.  I hated to see her leave, but she didn't feel safe there, either.

I gave the office notice today that Mom would be moving.  The lady there asked why, and I told her the truth--I don't feel that my mother is safe there, and I worry about her all the time.  She totally understood.  They didn't require that Mom sign her lease, and said that she can just pay the rent each month until she finds a new place.  I'm hoping to find something by the end of the month.

The kids got home from school, and I stayed downstairs with the family until after we had dinner.  Cyrise made Willie Strange's Very Good Soup and rice.  It was very good.  :o)

A young man came by the house and asked if he could mow the yard this afternoon.  He gave me a good price, so I had him go ahead.  I admire young people who hustle and work hard on their own.  He has a business doing lawn care, fencing, irrigation, masonry, pressure washing, tree trimming, landscaping and landscape lighting.  I asked him to give me an estimate to replace the fence along the street side of our house.  We will get another estimate or two, but if his is in the ballpark, I'd like to hire him.  He did a good job on the yard, and I've never seen anyone mow grass so fast!  He also trimmed and blew the clippings away.  The kids were fascinated that a stranger was working in our yard, and wanted to follow him around and talk to him.  Aubrey got their little play lawnmower and was pushing it around.  We had to put them on the patio and tell them to leave him alone.  :o)

Reece has been watching Benji on Hulu again.  He came downstairs after the movie and ate the rest of his dinner and we did homework.  Then he watched a couple of episodes of Pingu and went to bed about 8.  He went to sleep right away; he was tired.

I have to go to the BMT clinic tomorrow for most of the day.  :o(  Dr. O wants to give me the IVIG again.  It's to fight bacteria, so I guess I should have it.

Well, if you read through all that brain dump, I'm surprised.  But thanks for visiting.      

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