Thursday, November 8, 2012


I got two pair (or is it two pairs?) of pajamas a couple of weeks ago, and I like them so much that I want to tell everyone about them.  I usually sleep in nightgowns, but after the cancer and chemo and weight loss, I'm cold all the time.  So I wanted long-sleeves and long bottoms.  And I'm particular about how they feel, so they had to be really soft.  I didn't want fleece or flannel, I wanted something soft and comfy and not too heavy.

I found these at Kohl's.  One pair is gray, the other pink.  The pink is my favorite.

So if you need some new PJs, check them out.  They would make great Christmas gifts for any woman in your life, too.

This is not an ad for Kohl's.  :o)  Just sharing my PJ preferences. 


Therese said...

I wear nighties in summer but pajamas like that would be great for winter Kalona. I wonder if they have similar ones here.

Kalona said...

Therese, I bet you can find similar ones there. it is so rare that I find exactly what I'm looking for when I shop for clothes. I usually expect to shop at several stores before finding what I want, if I find it all. In this case everything worked out well.