Sunday, November 25, 2012

Thanksgiving Feasts

Aubrey's class had their Thanksgiving feast the Thursday before Thanksgiving.

Here she is with her teacher, making turkey prints with her little hands.  Aubrey does not like to have dirty hands, so I doubt that she enjoyed this activity too much.  The little turkey print is darling, though.

And here she is with her "feast."  She had a great time and was happy that I was there.  I loved watching her at school.  She's much quieter there than she is at home.  :o)

Reece's feast was the next day.  It was a lot rowdier than Aubrey's, but it was lots of fun.  They decorated their little indian vests for their craft.  Reece didn't want to wear his, though.  They also had pilgrim hats.  He hates having things on his head.  But you can see that he is enjoying his feast.  Looks like he only has corn on his plate, but by the time we served them everything, their plates were very full.  Their feast was their lunch that day.  

It's fun doing things like this again.  I was always a "room mother" when my kids were little.  I'm delighted that there are lots of other grandmothers (and grandfathers) who help out at school.

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