Monday, November 26, 2012

Bugs and Grubs

One day while the kids were here, one of them ran in all excited and wanted me to come see a "leaf bug."  I went out with them, and they showed me this bug on their play set.  It looks kind of like a grasshopper, but its wings and body look exactly like a leaf.  He was good enough to allow me to take his picture.

Then today Josh emailed me this picture of some enormous grubs that were in the backyard under a log.  I wonder if they might be the larvae of that giant moth the kids found awhile back?  Whatever they are, they are nasty.  And pictures like this are the reason I can hardly eat shrimp.  I always think they have the same texture as grub worms. Crawfish, too.  Josh put his keys in the picture to show their size.



Adrienne said...

The insect is a Katydid and it lays eggs which hatch into a young insect.

The grub looks like a small tomato horn worm or possibly just a dirt grub. I'm no grub expert as I avoid them like the plague.

Adrienne said...

P.S. The Katydid can pinch and cause some pain, but rarely breaks the skin. Not a guy to play with...

Kalona said...

Ah, Katydid! I should have known that. It was very interesting to look at.

Grub--yeah, I avoid them too. They are so gross.

Thanks, Adrienne!