Friday, November 16, 2012

Friday Five

1.  Mom's application for her new apartment was accepted, so she will be moving in December.  It wasn't done without problems with her current apartment complex, and I'm more ready than ever to get her out of there.  I'm excited about her move.  She wants a new couch, and she needs a new telephone, so it will be fun to shop for those with her.  
2.  I've been busy with the kids this week.  Wednesday I went with Reece's class to see a play (Goldilocks and the Three Bears Thanksgiving).  It was kind of silly and unprofessional, but the kids didn't mind.  They had fun.  After the play we went to the park where they all had sack lunches and played on the playground.  I loved watching them all, especially Reece.  I enjoyed the day, but was pretty tired that night.

3.  Then yesterday morning Aubrey came into my room and asked if I would go to her Thanksgiving feast.  I didn't really want to, but I hated to tell her no since I went with Reece's class the day before.  So off I went to the school.  I enjoyed watching Aubrey and the other children during class time, and I liked helping with their feast.  I made fruit salad, and they had a lot of other goodies, too.  I stayed there for her entire class time, so tired again when I got home.

4.  This morning Reece's class has their Thanksgiving Feast, and I'll go to that, too.  If you're looking for me, I'll be at school.  :o)

5.  We had a fire in the fireplace Wednesday night for the first time this year.  Reece asked if we could have hot chocolate and sit by the fire.  That was nice, but now the house smells like wood smoke, even though the flue was open.  I don't mind it too much.


Adrienne said...

Nothing like a bunch of good news. New couch shopping? Fun!

Kelly said...

Last week went by sooo fast! I can't believe this is your birthday week and Thanksgiving week!

Sorry to hear there were problems with Gran's apt complex. She'll be in to her new place by this time next month, though, so good riddance to that other place.

I've been loving the cool weather. I have the windows open all day and the dogs always have their noses to the window screen, looking out the front for people to bark at.

Love you!