Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Getting Ready

I took Mom to the gastroenterologist yesterday.  Her new primary care physician referred her to this doctor.  He was very nice and like all her other doctors, he thinks she is incredibly healthy for an 86 year old.  Her blood count was 9.9, so low but not dangerously low.  They want to figure out why she is anemic.  She said she didn't want to do a colonoscopy, so he said they will do the endoscopy first, and if they find out something there they won't have to go further.  If they don't find anything, he will "negotiate" with her and try to convince her to have the colonoscopy.  I'm just grateful that they want to do everything they can to help her, despite the fact that she is 86.

Mom had not had anything to eat and was really hungry by the time we finished at the doctors.  I was hungry too, having had only a piece of toast with butter and jam for breakfast.  So we stopped for a late lunch about 3 PM.  I took her home and did what needed to be done there, and it was nearly 5 PM when I got home.

Josh, Cyrise and I wrote up the menu for Thanksgiving and made a grocery list this morning.  Jason and his family will be here tomorrow--hooray!  


The kids went grocery shopping and got a 22 lb. turkey.  It's huge!  It should feed all of us with no problem.  The fridge and pantry are stuffed.

I've been cleaning downstairs today.  Josh and Cyrise worked on the upstairs, where our guests will stay (bedroom and bathroom).  I should have made the cornbread for my stuffing, but I'm too tired tonight.  Will do it first thing in the morning.

The kids are so excited that their cousins are coming.  They are wild about Uncle Jason; the little girls pester him to death, talking, talking, talking and asking him questions.  He's so patient with them.

They wanted to be with me, "helping" while I vacuumed, cleaned with Murphy's Oil Soap, dusted and cleaned some spots on the carpet.  I wish I could be as patient as Jason and their daddy.  I'm constantly saying, "Don't do that!" "Leave that alone!"  "Why don't you go outside and play?"  I just need to chill out.  :o)

If I don't get back here by Thursday, have a Happy Thanksgiving!  I'm very thankful for all of you who visit me here each day.  Thank you!

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Adrienne said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Kalona. We all have a lot to be thankful for...