Friday, November 2, 2012

Friday Five

1.  Johnnie emailed me yesterday to ask about my PET scan results.  That reminded me that I hadn't posted about it here, either.  No sign of any lymphoma.  :o)  Happy news!

2.  Dr. O said it did show some "fuzziness" in my lower right lung, and he thinks I had pneumonia.  We thought it was allergies because all of my chest x-rays were clear (the scan shows a lot more) and I had no fever.  He put me on antibiotics a couple of weeks ago when I told him I thought the sinus congestion had morphed into an infection.  I'm much much better now.  If it was pneumonia, it must have been a fairly mild case of it.  In any case, he put me back on Bactrim and Noxafil and wants to give me another infusion of IVIG next Tuesday, all of which will help my immune system fight bacteria and viruses.  He said that I have come too far and done too well to get sick now.

3.  I got the IV iron Tuesday, and I feel more energetic.  My HGB and red blood counts were up to normal levels anyway, though.  So the combo of the iron and higher counts have made me feel better.  Dr. O always said that the red cells come back last, and now Johnnie's cells are beginning to make them
for me.  :o)

4.  In other news, Mom's lease is up this month and I'm seriously looking into moving her.  There have been several shootings in her neighborhood, and since they opened up a percentage of the apartments to Section 8 housing there have been some scary looking people walking around her complex.  I don't think they can limit the age of residents if they have Section 8.  There are a lot more younger people there now.  They also raised her rent $60.  Higher rent when the complex is going downhill?

5.  And in a lighter vein, a brand new Trader Joe's is opening in San Antonio tomorrow.  I've heard so much about them, and I'm excited to check them out.  What should I look for there?  I know about the $2 wine (which will be $2.99 here).  What else?

That's all.  Have a great weekend.  


Linda said...

I've been absent- I'm sorry! SO much going on here and I'm not blogging myself.
I'm glad you are feeling well and getting good reports.

Trader Joe's-- good prices on many things. They have the best price on organic chicken, and you can get natural soaps and cleansers, deo and toothpaste etc at VERY good prices. (soaps and shampoos without sodium laurel sulphates for the price of the 'bad' stuff) Organic produce is priced better than Wal-mart. You will enjoy it! (oh, and the best price on fresh flowers!!)

Kalona said...

Linda, so glad to see your comment. I continue to pray for D and his treatment and cure, and for your entire family.

Thanks for the info on Trader Joe's. I had planned to go by now, but it just hasn't worked out. I'm going to see if Kelly will go with me this week. She also loves all natural and organic products.

Keep the faith! Hugs.