Monday, November 26, 2012


My birthday was Friday, the day after Thanksgiving.  I'm very thankful to have another birthday!  Kelly wanted to take me to lunch and shopping, and we were joined by Kismette (Jason's wife) and Ahlyssa (13 year old granddaughter).

I must have had a smudge on my camera lens.  All my pictures from Friday had that blur in the middle.

We went to Gruene and ate lunch at the Rio Cantina.  They have seating out in the yard and patios, as well as inside.  I found a table way at the back of the yard.  Everything was fine until the wasps found us.  We fled to an indoor table.  Then we started recalling all the times anyone in the family was stung.  Now we can laugh.

Lunch was yummy and fun.  Then we went shopping.  Kelly got me a flow blue tea pot in the Blue Willow pattern at the antique store.  It has a ceramic insert to put loose tea in, and has the cutest little round shape.  I love teapots.  She also got me a little nun in amber glass.  It's only about 6" tall, but it's very heavy.  It's unusual, and I love it!

When we got home I had more presents!  Ron gave me a Cuisinart food processor, Jason and family gave me a nice Pampered Chef pepper grinder and a funny, cute salt and pepper set.  Little chickens hold the salt and pepper.  I'll have to take a picture because it's hard to describe it.  It makes me laugh.  They all like to tease me about my taste in salt shakers, teapots, etc.  This little set fits right in with all my other funky stuff.  :o)

Cyrise gave me a new recipe box.  I had been looking through recipe cards one day and mentioned that I needed a new box.  The one I had was an ugly old plastic green thing that I've had forever.  So she and Josh went to Hobby Lobby and found a box and Cyrise decorated it for me with flowers and my name stamped on top.  Very sweet.  I love it.

Lily made me a beautiful card, and I got a pretty one from her family as well.  

We used the sherry nutmeg cake that I made for Thanksgiving as my birthday cake.  We had four pies, and no one ate any cake on Thursday, so that worked out well.

So, I had a lovely birthday and feel very loved.


Adrienne said...

Happy Birthday, Kalona. May you have a gazillion more!!!

Kalona said...

Thank you, Adrienne!