Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Great Gran, Cheddars, Macys, Goodwill

Mom had her endoscopy yesterday morning.  She did great; didn't even realize she had had it when she woke up in recovery.  She thought she just had a little nap and they hadn't done anything yet.  :o)  
They didn't find anything that could be causing her anemia, though.  The doctor said that she had some irritation in her stomach lining that he thinks is probably caused by her medications, or perhaps a little infection in the past.  He prescribed Pepcid for that.  He wants to see her in January for a follow-up, and will talk to her about the colonoscopy then.

She wanted barbecue for lunch, so we stopped and got some and took it back to her place.  She had a chopped brisket sandwich with hash browns, pinto beans and cole slaw.  And peach cobbler.  

Ron went with me today when I went over there.  We took her enough leftovers for a couple of days.  She enjoyed hot wings, fries, whiskey river baked beans and celery and carrot sticks with ranch dressing today.  She polished it all off.  I don't think her stomach bothers her at all!

Ron and I ate lunch at Cheddars before I dropped him off at home.  I needed some cold weather clothes that fit, so I headed to Macys.  I got 3 pairs of pants, all pull on type and cozy, a cute jacket and a couple of tops.  I have a couple of jeans that still fit, but most of my clothes are too big.  :o(  

Then I stopped at Goodwill and found the cutest eiffel tower made of twisted metal wire.  It's about 3 feet tall.  I'm going to put little lights on it for Christmas.  

I found a couple pair of jeans for Reece, one Gap and the other Levis.  And a sweet little pair of Gap overalls embroidered with pink flowers for either Camryn or Gina, whoever they fit.  Still no dishes to match my stoneware.

I think I'll wait and publish this tomorrow so I can get a picture of my eiffel tower.


Adrienne said...

It's a wonder you all aren't as big as my house with the way you eat.



Adrienne said...

Oh, and I LOVE the Eiffel Tower! More to be jealous about...

Kalona said...

Adrienne, I wish I could eat like my mom and not gain weight. She weighed 133 when we were at the doctor's last week. I can't eat much these days, so I don't have to worry about gaining, but losing. Mom's doctor told me I'm doing a good job caring for her. He said most elderly people who live on their own have a hard time keeping up their weight.

Isn't that Eiffel Tower the cutest? I stood there looking at it for a few minutes, trying to decide if I should get it. Then I thought, "If you don't buy it you're going to regret it later." So I bought it. :o) It was $9, which is more than I normally spend on thrift items, but worth it I think.

Kelly said...

That's a great picture of your Eiffel Tower! Nice job. I'm glad you decided to buy it because at 3 feet tall and 9 bucks it was a great deal, imo. You have such a good eye for picking out neat stuff at the thrift store.

Sorry I haven't called you so we could get together this week - we've both been sick but getting over it quick because of those zinc drops!

Good news about Gran's endoscopy! I was worried about her. Now just to get her to agree to having the colonoscopy. :) When you said the doc put her on Pepcid I was thinking, "Great, more meds for her to take." But, now I'm thinking it's a good idea if he thinks the meds she's on is what's causing stomach lining issues.

Glad you found some cute things to wear at Macy's. :)

Kalona said...

Oh I was hoping you wouldn't get sick! Glad the zinc thingies helped.

Drink lots of water and OJ! Hugs